PLAN SEASON 2018/2019

Stryx Technification programme 

After success of it this season, it will remain a part of the programme in 2018/19 FREE OF CHARGE for all players from U10 age groups and older. It will be a supplementary optional session focused on personalised attention to each player and enhancement of individual skills such as shooting, dribbling etc. Also, we are full aware that fitness is in high demand, however, since physical training is not part of Barça methodology and is not in line with Barça style of training, it cannot be incorporated into regular sessions and will become part of Stryx Technification training instead.

Barca Academy membership cards

We are introducing identity/membership cards for all our registered players next season to increase a sense belonging to the Club, which potentially will serve as an access badge to the schools as part of security measure (subject for further approvals by schools’ management closer to the start of next academic year). Card holders will also automatically enter into the prize draw.

Friendship Cups for U6 to U12 teams 

This event will have 2 editions in season 2018/19 and will involve all internal league teams as part of all-day football competitions with external academies. Plus, we will be introducing our youngest age-group players to this event too to give them a chance to broaden their experience and get exposed to different styles of play at an early age.

External games for U14 teams 

We have rapidly increased number of games between Barca Academy Dubai regular teams across all ages against other academies this season and we will work hard on this point next season too especially for U14 teams who are not part of Friendship Cup events, however, separate games will be organised for them with external academies/clubs throughout the season.


It is made a mandatory part of the programme and is incorporated into the calendar, so nutrition education is an official part of the academy moving forward.

Selection U7

We are expanding our Selection team base with Selection U7 becoming a new edition at FCBEscola Dubai from next season onwards.

More membership options

Membership plan is changing in 2018/19 from 2.5 months, 5 months, 7.5 months and Full Season to 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months and Full Season to give parents more memberships to choose from (prices will remain proportionally the same).

U18 team

We will be adding back ​the U18 team to our academy programme ​in 2018/19, which will
be taking part in a competitive external league.

Get exposure to US professional opportunities through scholarships 

Stryx have signed an agreement with leading sports scholarship agency Athletes-USA to help our players in U14 age group and older gain opportunities in the US and obtain athletic scholarships and college sports scholarships. Further details on visit of coaches from the US and trial days will follow by email next season.

‘FCBEscola Dubai’ to ‘Barça Academy Dubai’

As part of FC Barcelona global brand strategy, FCBEscola will not be an official name for FCBEscolas world-wide and will be replaced with Barça Academy effective July 1st 2018.

Be part of the largest youth soccer network in the world 

Barça has presence in every corner of the world with a network of 25,000 FCBEscola players across 6 continents, 22 countries and 45 cities. The presence of FC Barcelona is so enormous around the globe that there are young players wearing Barça shirt while at training every minute of the day and night.

Be part of the Barça family

Barça Academy Dubai events in UAE as well as abroad are getting bigger and better – from family days, local and international competitions, internal league, camp & international tournament in Barcelona and local leagues.

Get ready for another jam-packed season ahead!!